Michael Deane Calls Out Food & Water Watch on Atlantic City

In an op-ed posted today in the Press of Atlantic City, Michael Deane called out the combative rhetoric against private water companies being used by Food and Water Watch as Atlantic City considers options for its water utility as part of a conversation on the city’s long-term financial solvency.  Deane urged a full and fair consideration of all options, including […]

Food & Water Watch Spins False Narrative on Flint

When Food & Water Watch released their latest flawed report comparing water rates across the country – a bogus practice that experts reject as misleading and unwise – we immediately took note of the chart listing the “Most Expensive Water Providers” in the United States. After all, FWW had found that Flint, Michigan – a […]

TFTT Calls Out Activist Groups’ Shameful Use Of Flint To Advance Agenda

What is happening in Flint is truly terrible. Our thoughts are with the families and children impacted by this disaster. The water contamination crisis will impact the community for decades and underscores how ensuring safe drinking water is serious, high-stakes work. As the crisis has unfolded, we’ve seen plenty of finger pointing over who is […]

Truth from the Tap Responds to The Guardian on Flint’s Water Crisis

In reading the article, “Flint crisis reminds us: profit motive has no place when it comes to necessities,” we were shocked by the egregious introduction of a red herring to draw the private sector into the Flint water crisis. To be clear, no private water company had anything to do with the water contamination crisis […]

Two Key Reasons to Dismiss Latest Food & Water Watch Report

Here they go again! Food & Water Watch has previously demonstrated it is a source that cannot be trusted, but “The State of Public Water in the United States” sets a new low. This latest report uses a wildly flawed analysis while completely ignoring important contexts. Here are the two key reasons to dismiss the […]

Food & Water Watch Celebrates Ten Years of Deception on Private Water

In late 2015, Food & Water Watch turned 10 years old and celebrated with a blog post on the group’s “10 most important victories.” In the post, FWW touts its efforts to block communities from considering private water solutions, citing four examples of so-called “victories” against private water. Unfortunately, just as we have seen previously […]

Public-Private Partnerships Helping America’s Cities

Did you know that more than 2,000 water and wastewater facilities across the country are operated under public-private partnership arrangements? Check out our latest infographic to learn more about how public-private partnerships help America’s cities and towns address water infrastructure challenges. 

U.S. Conference of Mayors: Aging Infrastructure is Top Concern

The U.S. Conference of Mayors just released a survey that examined “a broad spectrum of mayoral challenges and contemporary urban realities.” Not surprisingly, aging infrastructure, including water and wastewater systems, “weigh[ed] most heavily on the mind of mayors.” More than 40% of the mayors surveyed indicated concern about water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure, ranking only […]

CAI Sticks to Faulty Talking Points in Recent Huffington Post Piece

Huffington Post’s Joseph Erbentraut recently spoke with NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane about private water companies’ work to strengthen America’s water infrastructure and ensure access to safe and reliable water. As part of the piece, Erbentraut also spoke with representatives from Corporate Accountability International, an activist group that opposes any private involvement in water and […]