What Activists Really Mean by ‘Local Control’

Activists often make a vague argument against private water solutions that centers on the notion of “local control.” They argue that private sector involvement in water delivery inherently strips control of the precious resource away from local communities. For starters, the claim that private water companies take over “control of water” is a scare tactic […]

Food & Water Watch and Dark Money: A Lesson in Hypocrisy

Food & Water Watch (FWW) is an outspoken critic of so-called “dark money” in politics – the unlimited, anonymous contributions by corporations, individuals and unions to political causes. FWW proudly trumpets the call to “take action on money in politics,” criticizing the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and calling for greater transparency. In a December […]

Michael Deane Celebrates Infrastructure Week by Discussing Solutions to Nation’s Water Challenges

In celebration of Infrastructure Week, National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) Executive Director Michael Deane wrote two pieces, one in The Hill and the other in Huffington Post, on the urgent water infrastructure challenges America faces and how private water operators help fill the enormous infrastructure investment gap. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency […]

Middlesex Water Company Chairman Shares Views on State of Water

Last month, Middlesex Water Company Chairman, President, and CEO Dennis Doll participated in a roundtable sponsored by NJ Spotlight on the topic of “New Jersey’s Hidden Water Crisis.” Doll shared his views on the challenges facing water authorities and water companies, including increased concerns about water safety in the wake of the Flint, Mich. crisis […]

EPA: All stakeholders should be involved in drinking water national action plan

EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator Joel Beauvais recently laid out steps his agency plans to take to ensure all Americans have access to safe drinking water. Beauvais outlined the EPA’s vision for a national action plan to engage a diverse set of stakeholders to strengthen the country’s drinking water systems. This announcement is both timely and […]

NAWC Board President Calls for Action at Senate Hearing

Earlier this month, Epcor USA President and NAWC Executive Board President Joe Gysel testified in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. In his testimony, he highlighted the importance of investing in aging water infrastructure and noted how private water companies are uniquely situated to provide such investment. “The private water utility sector […]

Setting the Record Straight on Private Water and Flint

In a letter to the editor posted yesterday in The Hill, NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane criticized Corporate Accountability International and Food & Water Watch for their shameless use of the Flint water crisis in fundraising, calling it offensive to raise money off of the misfortunes of others.  Deane also set the record straight that private water companies […]

Pew: “As Water Infrastructure Crumbles, Many Cities Seek Private Help”

A piece by Mindy Fetterman, “As Water Infrastructure Crumbles, Many Cities Seek Private Help,” posted at Pew Stateline and Governing, details the country’s enormous water infrastructure investment needs and how communities are turning to private water companies to help fill the investment gaps. A 2015 U.S. Conference of Mayors survey reinforced the point that communities are struggling with infrastructure […]

Michael Deane Calls Out Food & Water Watch on Atlantic City

In an op-ed posted today in the Press of Atlantic City, Michael Deane called out the combative rhetoric against private water companies being used by Food and Water Watch as Atlantic City considers options for its water utility as part of a conversation on the city’s long-term financial solvency.  Deane urged a full and fair consideration of all options, including […]

Food & Water Watch Spins False Narrative on Flint

When Food & Water Watch released their latest flawed report comparing water rates across the country – a bogus practice that experts reject as misleading and unwise – we immediately took note of the chart listing the “Most Expensive Water Providers” in the United States. After all, FWW had found that Flint, Michigan – a […]