Food & Water Watch: Fiction over Facts

This blog, focusing on their use of flawed case studies, is the second in a series examining FWW’s most recent misleading claims. A recent Food & Water Watch blog once again tries to spin case studies in way that is more fiction than fact, repeatedly telling only part of the story and ignoring independent reports, […]

Food & Water Watch Caught in the Act…Again

This blog is the first in a series examining FWW’s most recent misleading claims and failure to present a complete picture of the private water industry in the United States. Here they go again. Even when trying to debunk our fact-based campaign, Food & Water Watch uses cherry-picked statistics out of context and ignores key […]

Rep. Torres: “Expand public-private partnerships”

Representative Torres (D-CA) made it clear that private water companies need to play a crucial role in helping address the challenges of California’s drought. In an article penned by Torres for Roll Call, she noted that there has to be a way to pay for  water infrastructure needs. California alone, will require $44.5 billion over […]

World Water Council: The Importance of Public-Private Partnerships

The World Water Council, along with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), recently released a report, “Water: Fit to Finance,” which examined the challenges of financing water infrastructure. One of the suggested solutions to achieve a water-secure future included public-private partnerships because of “the expertise they bring as much as, or even more […]

Food & Water Watch Fact Checking 101

Food & Water Watch (FWW) is spreading deliberately misleading information about New Mexico House Bill (HB) 299, which would allow state and local governments to enter into long-term contracts with private companies to help with essential infrastructure projects. We thought we would help FWW by correcting some of the inaccuracies in its latest campaign material. […]

Michael Deane Interview with Water & Wastes Digest

National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) Executive Director Michael Deane recently sat down with Water & Wastes Digest’s Amy McIntosh to talk about how the private water industry leverages collaboration through public-private partnerships. In his interview, Deane reiterated the importance of private water in solving our nation’s infrastructure challenges, noting, “To respond to the nation’s […]

New Website Corrects Deliberately Misleading Information on Private Water Industry

FACT-CHECKING CAMPAIGN PROVES FOOD & WATER WATCH AND CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY INTERNATIONAL’S WATER CLAIMS AS FALSE Washington, DC – launched today, becoming the first fact-checking effort designed specifically to debunk false claims about the private water industry being made by groups like Food & Water Watch and Corporate Accountability International. The website exposes the misleading […]

Water Activist Groups and the Tangled Web They Weave

Opponents of private water claim to empower change and often masquerade as independent of special interests. Yet their actions speak louder than words. The truth is these activist groups receive millions in funding from anonymous donors and maintain close relationships with international activist groups. They organize together behind the scenes to push their radical, ideological […]