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Unraveling Food & Water Watch’s Web of Deceit

This blog, focused on the group’s lack of transparency, is the third in a series examining FWW’s most recent misleading claims. Food & Water Watch recently claimed that its “meager resources” were overshadowed by Truth from the Tap’s “massive resources,” attempting to set up a David versus Goliath scenario. So, let’s take a look at […]

Food & Water Watch: Fiction over Facts

This blog, focusing on their use of flawed case studies, is the second in a series examining FWW’s most recent misleading claims. A recent Food & Water Watch blog once again tries to spin case studies in way that is more fiction than fact, repeatedly telling only part of the story and ignoring independent reports, […]

Food & Water Watch Caught in the Act…Again

This blog is the first in a series examining FWW’s most recent misleading claims and failure to present a complete picture of the private water industry in the United States. Here they go again. Even when trying to debunk our fact-based campaign, Food & Water Watch uses cherry-picked statistics out of context and ignores key […]

Rep. Torres: “Expand public-private partnerships”

Representative Torres (D-CA) made it clear that private water companies need to play a crucial role in helping address the challenges of California’s drought. In an article penned by Torres for Roll Call, she noted that there has to be a way to pay for  water infrastructure needs. California alone, will require $44.5 billion over […]

World Water Council: The Importance of Public-Private Partnerships

The World Water Council, along with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), recently released a report, “Water: Fit to Finance,” which examined the challenges of financing water infrastructure. One of the suggested solutions to achieve a water-secure future included public-private partnerships because of “the expertise they bring as much as, or even more […]

Food & Water Watch Fact Checking 101

Food & Water Watch (FWW) is spreading deliberately misleading information about New Mexico House Bill (HB) 299, which would allow state and local governments to enter into long-term contracts with private companies to help with essential infrastructure projects. We thought we would help FWW by correcting some of the inaccuracies in its latest campaign material. […]

Michael Deane Interview with Water & Wastes Digest

National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) Executive Director Michael Deane recently sat down with Water & Wastes Digest’s Amy McIntosh to talk about how the private water industry leverages collaboration through public-private partnerships. In his interview, Deane reiterated the importance of private water in solving our nation’s infrastructure challenges, noting, “To respond to the nation’s […]

New Website Corrects Deliberately Misleading Information on Private Water Industry

FACT-CHECKING CAMPAIGN PROVES FOOD & WATER WATCH AND CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY INTERNATIONAL’S WATER CLAIMS AS FALSE Washington, DC – launched today, becoming the first fact-checking effort designed specifically to debunk false claims about the private water industry being made by groups like Food & Water Watch and Corporate Accountability International. The website exposes the misleading […]