NAWC Responds to False Food and Water Watch Claims Against Water Companies

In an op-ed for The Trentonian, Marybeth Leongini, Director of Communications for the National Association of Water Companies, responds to a recent opinion piece from a Food & Water Watch (FWW) activist that claimed private water companies would make Trenton, New Jersey’s water infrastructure challenges worse. Leongini points out that FWW, “blindly argues in favor […]

Bipartisan Policy Center Report Makes Recommendations on Water Affordability

The enormous need for investment in America’s water infrastructure has resulted in ever-increasing rates for water systems across the board. Between 2012 and 2016, water rates increased nationally by about 7% a year. A recent report from the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) identified several factors that can help address water affordability challenges, including partnerships with […]

Four Questions for Public Water Now and Felton FLOW

Next week, activists in Monterey will host a forum with Felton FLOW to promote a government takeover of the privately-operated water system, which has served Monterey residents for over 50 years. Since Monterey activists are touting Felton as the poster child for a government takeover, here are four questions about what has really happened in […]

NAWC Speaks to Texas Water Challenges

On May 7, the San Antonio Express-News published a commentary by Marybeth Leongini, NAWC Director of Communications, titled “Infrastructure improvement key to water sufficiency.” Leongini addresses the water infrastructure challenges in Texas and how private water companies in the state provide more efficient water resource planning and management, along with expertise and investment. Read the […]

Drinking Water Week 2018: Private Companies Prioritize Drinking Water Quality

For the last 40 years, the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the U.S. EPA, many members of the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) and others have joined together to celebrate Drinking Water Week during the first full week of May. The purpose of the week is to highlight the integral role water plays in […]

Activists Point to Paris but the Facts Tell a Different Story

As a fact check campaign, Truth from the Tap is used to correcting activists’ twisted case studies and examples that conveniently leave out important facts or perpetuate myths and falsehoods.  In fact, when we exposed Food & Water Watch’s case studies as full of false and misleading claims, the group pulled all 34 of them […]

NAWC Responds to Flawed Rate Claims in Pittsburgh

A letter to the editor by Marybeth Leongini, Director of Communications for the National Association of Water Companies, was included in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on April 8. Leongini responded to a recent op-ed in which the mayor’s blue-ribbon panel cited a flawed Food & Water Watch rate comparison report as a reason to not consider private water […]

Food & Water Watch Gets It All Wrong On Jersey City

In a letter to the editor published this week, NAWC’s Marybeth Leongini responded to a recent letter from a Food & Water Watch activist that claimed private water ownership results in higher drinking water rates and that Jersey City should take back its system. Leongini points out that the system is already publicly-owned by the […]

New Study Confirms Stronger Compliance Record of Private Water Companies

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has found that privately-owned utilities are far less likely to have health-based drinking water quality violations than their government-owned counterparts. The study analyzed health related violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) for 17,900 communities over a 34-year period (1982 […]