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New TFTT Resource on Baltimore Details How Activists are Protecting the Failing Status Quo

In a new factsheet – Activists Rush to Protect Failing Status Quo in Baltimore – Truth from the Tap details the misguided activist campaign that has ultimately prevented Baltimore from receiving the many benefits that come from working with a water company. Instead of considering all options, Baltimore’s decisionmakers followed misinformed advice from activists ideologically […]

Activists Want Politicians with Zero Oversight to Control Your Drinking Water

Food & Water Watch (FWW) and other activists often talk about “local control” as the main benefit to having a government-run water system.  As the activist story goes, local elected officials are responsive to voters and therefore will provide great water services. However, the realities of “local control” under a government-run water system are much […]

Powelson: Misinformation campaign will prolong Pittsburgh’s water woes

On the heels of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro filing 161 criminal charges against the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA), NAWC President and CEO Robert Powelson published an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that addressed Pittsburgh’s long-time infrastructure crisis. Powelson details how “delayed infrastructure investment and utility mismanagement” and “choosing low water rates over […]

Powelson highlights exceptional record of water companies in Providence letter

In a letter to the Providence Journal, Robert Powelson, president and chief executive officer of the National Association of Water Companies, corrects inaccurate claims made about water companies and the solutions they could offer to help address the city’s water system needs. Powelson’s letter cites findings from a 2018 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that […]

Activists Celebrate ‘Huge Victory’ of Protecting Failing Status Quo in Baltimore

Last week, Corporate Accountability International (CAI) sent an email blast to supporters that celebrated a “huge victory” in Baltimore. And earlier this week, Food & Water Watch (FWW) excitedly claimed that Baltimore had “emerged as a water justice leader.” So, why all the fanfare? On the heels of a coordinated misinformation campaign, these activists convinced […]

New Case Study Exposes Faulty Condemnation Narrative in Visalia

Truth from the Tap has added a new resource to its Condemnation Toolkit – a case study on the failed condemnation effort in Visalia, California. The water system in Visalia has been owned and operated by California Water Service (Cal Water) since 1926. Cal Water employs more than 60 water professionals in Visalia who together […]

Baltimore Residents Should Heed Warning About Limiting Water System Options

Earlier this year, NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson penned an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun in which he pushed back against the recent effort to ban water system privatization in Baltimore. In advance of the November 6th ballot measure vote on Question E, it is crucial for Baltimore residents to recognize the false rates and local […]

Costs and Broken Promises Continue to Mount Following Government Takeover in Missoula

In a guest column for the Missoulian, Quentin Rhoades, a local attorney, speaks out against the disastrous government takeover of Missoula, Montana’s privately-owned, professionally-managed water system. In the column, Rhoades chastises the Missoula Mayor for pitching the takeover as a successful David v. Goliath story to the city of Monterey, California, which is currently considering […]

Former Illinois Commerce Commission Chair: Government Takeover of Water System Would Be a Bad Deal for Peoria

Last week, Philip O’Connor, the former chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), penned an op-ed about why a government takeover of Peoria’s water system, owned and managed by Illinois American Water, would be a bad deal for residents. Specifically, he notes it would “remove the ICC’s professional and independent regulation of water service including […]

New Infographic Details Transparent Rate Setting for California’s Water Companies

The latest Truth from the Tap infographic, included in the newly launched California microsite, illustrates how water rates are set for California’s largest regulated water utilities. Rates are set by an independent agency – the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) – after a comprehensive, transparent process that protects communities by ensuring adequate investment in safe, […]