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Your water is important. Every time you turn on a faucet, you expect clean and safe drinking water. When you run the disposal or flush the toilet, you expect the wastewater to be efficiently carried away. To ensure reliable and safe water services, many communities across the country have turned to private water operators: experts that specialize in running local water systems.

Unfortunately, water activists are trying to take down private water operators with false and purposefully misleading information. These critics don’t understand the important role water companies play in towns and cities all across the country. Instead of offering communities real solutions to meet their water needs, these activist groups push false narratives and ideological arguments with distorted evidence and partial timelines. Get the full story below.


Water Wise

Separate water facts from activist fiction

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Activist Errors

Learn more about the many ways critics get it wrong on private water

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Shallow Answers

Discover the truth about critics’ “solutions” to local infrastructure needs

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Clearing the Water

Get the real story behind activist groups’ favorite “case studies”

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