New Infographic Illustrates Link Between Infrastructure Investment and Jobs

Investment in water infrastructure is linked to higher quality water AND job creation. The Associated General Contractors of America calculates that every $1 billion invested in infrastructure supports 28,500 US jobs.

Over the next 20 years, our country has a $744 billion water infrastructure funding gap. The gap is the difference between the projected investment during this timeframe and the amount that is actually needed to ensure an adequately functioning water infrastructure.

new Truth from the Tap infographic shows how, by filling the water infrastructure funding gap, an estimated 21.2 million US jobs would be supported.

America’s water companies strategically invest in their water systems every single day. The 10 largest water companies collectively invested $3.7 billion in their systems in 2019. These investments not only ensure that delivery of safe and reliable water service, but also support good jobs in communities across the country.

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