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New Indiana Utility Valuation Reform Resource Available

There’s a new case study to check out on the Truth from the Tap Utility Valuation Reform microsite. The new case study spotlights the many benefits communities in Indiana have seen under the state’s utility valuation reform measure with examples from the towns of Sheridan, Georgetown, Claypool and Charlestown.

Powelson Responds to Activist Misinformation about Pennsylvania’s Act 12

Recently, the Chester County Press ran a letter penned by an activist opposed to Pennsylvania’s utility valuation reform law, Act 12. When NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson penned a response, the publication refused to print it. Unlike the Chester County Press, we believe it is crucial that Pennsylvanians have the whole truth – based […]

New Pennsylvania Resources Available in Truth from the Tap Toolkit

There are several exciting new Pennsylvania-focused resources in the Truth from the Tap toolkit that help tell the positive story of the Commonwealth’s regulated, private water companies, as well as push back against false claims made by activists opposed to the industry. The first is an infographic that highlights the tremendous positive economic impact of Pennsylvania’s water […]

Watch Out: Pants are on Fire with Misinformation About Water Companies

There continues to be a vocal minority dead set on spreading misinformation about Pennsylvania’s regulated, private water companies. From faulty rate comparisons to scare tactics about control and regulation – and everything in between – they seem to be throwing accusations into the water like pebbles to see which one causes the biggest ripple. The […]

Another Report Falls Short with Rate Comparisons – Yet Again

Experts have warned time and time again that water rate comparisons are dangerous and unwise. After all, blindly comparing what customers pay on their water bills ignores inherent cost differences between systems and whether customers are receiving safe water and reliable service for the money that they pay. We learn nothing from rate comparisons between […]

Op-Ed Presents Dangerous Narrative on Rate Increases

Like most states, Illinois faces massive and urgent water infrastructure needs. The state’s drinking water infrastructure earned a dismal D+ rating on the 2022 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Illinois Report Card, while wastewater infrastructure received only a slightly better C- grade. Clearly the infrastructure needs are great in the state. The Environmental Protection […]

New Resource Answers Most Frequently Asked Questions About Utility Valuation Reform

Utility valuation reform – often referred to as Fair Market Value – establishes a clear process for independent appraisal experts to calculate a reasonable and fair value for water and wastewater systems. This ensures local governments and taxpayers get a fair deal for their assets if they wish to sell. While the benefits of utility […]

Powelson: Independent Regulatory Oversight of PWSA is a Win for Customers

In a new editorial on titled “Scrutiny will benefit PWSA customers,” NAWC President and CEO Robert Powelson details how the “checks and balances of utility commission oversight” are benefiting Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) customers. In Pennsylvania, and states across the country, independent oversight by state utility regulators ensures the ratemaking process is […]

New Valuation Reform Attack Piece Fails to Meet Journalistic Integrity Threshold

A piece recently ran in an online publication in which the writer and activists from groups like Food & Water Watch tried to demonize the efforts of elected officials around the country who have passed policies to help local communities address their water infrastructure challenges. Fifteen states have in place these commonsense valuation reform measures […]

Member resource available on new NIAC water infrastructure report

A new member resource is available that details the latest report from the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC), “Preparing United States Critical Infrastructure for Today’s Evolving Water Crises.” The resource, available for PDF download, highlights some of the NIAC’s recommendations, including increasing access to federal funds, offering a permanent water affordability program, creating a […]