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Former Pennsylvania Utility Commissioner: Anti-private water activists “ignore 200+ years of operational expertise.”

In a new piece on Broad + Liberty, Norman Kennard, a former Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner (PUC), provides context that is sorely missing from the claims made by activists who oppose solutions offered by America’s water companies. Looking specifically at the Keystone State, Kennard examines how the state’s regulatory environment has allowed communities greater access […]

Mary’s Missives Miss the Mark

A recent piece in CQ Researcher did a deep dive into water privatization from a global perspective. A central part of the piece was a pro/con conversation that featured NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson and Food & Water Watch activist Mary Grant. Mary’s “con” section left us scratching our heads and knowing we needed […]

New Truth from the Tap Site Explains Problems with Rate Comparisons

A new page on the Truth from the Tap website just went live that explains the many ways opponents’ rate comparisons fall short. Opponents are quick to cite a rate comparison report that they say shows that the water rates for private water utilities are higher than the rates of water systems run by local governments. The […]

Powelson Says Recent Editorial “Completely Strikes Out”

NAWC President and CEO Rob Powelson pushed back on the Scranton (PA) Times-Tribune editorial board for calling on the General Assembly to cap water and wastewater rate increases while at the same time misrepresenting how Fair Market Value laws work and the infrastructure investments made by private water companies. “Water provided by Pennsylvania’s water companies […]

Powelson Calls Activists Out for Spreading Misinformation in Pennsylvania

NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson’s latest editorial titled “America is facing serious and growing water infrastructure challenges. Pennsylvania is no different.” ran this month on Powelson takes activists to task for spreading misinformation about Pennsylvania’s private water companies, as well as about the effectiveness of the state’s Fair Market Value policies. Powelson concludes that […]

Our water infrastructure: Extolling low rates only increases inequities

NAWC President and CEO Rob Powelson’s latest editorial in The Hill, “Our water infrastructure: Extolling low rates only increases inequities,” explains how the water tragedies of Flint, Michigan and Jackson, Mississippi show why we must move away from using low rates “as the benchmark against which water systems are judged.” “Efforts to keep rates artificially […]

Jackson, Mississippi is Unfortunate Example of Water Infrastructure Neglect

Truth from the Tap has a new one-pager, “Jackson, Mississippi: The Critical Nature of Water Infrastructure Investment,” about how Jackson is an unfortunate example of what happens when water infrastructure investments are delayed or neglected. The resource cites headlines out of Jackson and statements by elected officials about how the current crisis is a result […]

New “Study” Analyzing Drinking Water Costs is Deeply Flawed

A new analysis from some familiar anti-private water opponents at Food & Water Watch and Cornell University attempts to compare customer rates for the 500 largest drinking water systems in the United States. However, the analysis is based in a faulty dataset, ignores crucial cost elements and disregards how low-cost systems often provide low-quality water […]

Apple Valley to pay $13 million in legal fees for failed takeover attempt

Earlier this year, Truth from the Tap published a condemnation case study that featured Apple Valley, California and the condemnation battle that ensued when activists and local politicians tried to use eminent domain to take the infrastructure from the system’s owner, Liberty Utilities. The newest development in this failed takeover attempt is going to end up hitting Apple […]