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New CDC Report Shines Spotlight On Link Between the Water We Drink and Public Health

A new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention includes staggering numbers about pathogens connected to waterborne illnesses, shining a spotlight on the links between America’s water infrastructure, water quality and public health. The CDC found that more than 7.1 million waterborne illnesses occur every year, resulting in more than 600,000 visits […]

New Infographic Illustrates Link Between Infrastructure Investment and Jobs

Investment in water infrastructure is linked to higher quality water AND job creation. The Associated General Contractors of America calculates that every $1 billion invested in infrastructure supports 28,500 US jobs. Over the next 20 years, our country has a $744 billion water infrastructure funding gap. The gap is the difference between the projected investment during this […]

Powelson Cautions Long Island Against Condemnation in Letter to Newsday

NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson penned a letter to the editor of Newsday correcting key points from a recent article about a potential government take over of water systems on Long Island. He explains that condemnation battles have played out across the country and are proven to result in higher costs for residents and communities. […]

Powelson’s Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed Makes Clear the Need for Private and Public Investment in Local Water Systems

NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson penned a Chicago Sun-Times op-ed that ran this week. The paper’s editorial board recently ran its own op-ed that was negative toward water companies, and in his response, titled “COVID-19 makes clear the need for private and public investment in local water systems,” Powelson corrected the original op-ed’s misinformation. […]

Water Companies Invest Nearly $3.7 Billion in Community Water Systems in 2019

Water companies’ unparalleled record of operational excellence is thanks, in part, to their commitment to infrastructure investment. Investing in water infrastructure, including pipes, pumps and treatment plants, helps ensure reliable water service that Americans can count on. Every year, America’s water companies collectively invest billions into community water systems to ensure that the water delivered […]

Activists Leave Behind Serious Water Challenges in Edison, New Jersey

Truth from the Tap has released another new case study, this time highlighting Edison, NJ. The town was misled by activists into rejecting a contract operations agreement that would have helped address the township’s serious water system challenges. In 2019, Food & Water Watch waged an aggressive public misinformation campaign to persuade the township to […]

Long Hill, NJ Reverses Water System Decision After Getting a Taste of Activist Reality

Truth from the Tap’s latest case study on Long Hill, New Jersey details the township’s experience after listening to activist misinformation about water company solutions and being left with inadequate options to address their water system needs. In 2017, activists used scare tactics to defeat a referendum that would have authorized the township to transfer […]

Hard Lessons Learned in Edison, New Jersey As Water Rates Skyrocket

For a moment, let’s take a stroll down memory lane to 2019 when the activist group Food & Water Watch pulled out all the stops to block Edison, New Jersey from considering private water solutions to address the city’s water infrastructure needs. After Food & Water Watch waged an aggressive public misinformation campaign, the township […]

Powelson Responds to Esquire

An Esquire Politics columnist recently wrote a piece entitled “Privatizing Your Water Supply is Generally a Terrible Idea,” which attacked water system privatization and was critical of NAWC member companies. In response, NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson penned a comprehensive response to the author’s criticisms, detailing the many benefits of working with professional water companies. Read the full […]

Truth from the Tap Launches Contract Operations-Focused Toolkit

Partnerships with contract operators of water systems come in many forms. Under what’s called a contract operations arrangement, or public-private partnership, communities can rely on contract operators to address crucial infrastructure needs ranging from achieving environmental compliance to accessing capital for infrastructure projects. Working with a contract operator is a proven solution for communities with […]