Water Companies Invest Nearly $3.7 Billion in Community Water Systems in 2019

Water companies’ unparalleled record of operational excellence is thanks, in part, to their commitment to infrastructure investment. Investing in water infrastructure, including pipes, pumps and treatment plants, helps ensure reliable water service that Americans can count on.

Every year, America’s water companies collectively invest billions into community water systems to ensure that the water delivered to their customers is of the highest quality. In 2019 alone, the 10 largest water companies in America invested nearly $3.7 billion in their infrastructure. This is almost $1 billion more than the total federal 2019 appropriation for the two State Revolving Fund programs that provide water infrastructure support.

Check out our latest updated infographic that paints a clear picture of how water companies are leading the way with investment.

As a result of this strategic infrastructure investment, the water delivered to homes and businesses by America’s water companies is of higher quality than that delivered by government-run systems, a fact confirmed in study after study.

This strong record of investment and delivering higher quality water is another reason to support private and public-private run water systems.

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