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Powelson Water Equity Op-Ed in The Hill Shows Why Water Rates Don’t Tell the Whole Story

An op-ed by NAWC president and CEO Rob Powelson ran this week in The Hill, a widely read DC publication. In the piece, Powelson highlighted NAWC’s principles for reaching true water equity and debunked claims by some that water rates alone should be the only benchmark for affordability. Powelson called the focus solely on water rates “shortsighted” […]

Powelson op-ed touts private water operations in Rockland County

In an op-ed that ran last week in, NAWC President & CEO Rob Powelson made the case for why Rockland County, New York, should continue to work with SUEZ despite an effort by opponents, including Food & Water Watch, to have a feasibility study conducted to support a government takeover of the system. Powelson concludes […]

Powelson Sets Record Straight on Water Rates in New York

NAWC president and CEO Robert Powelson penned a letter to Newsday that corrected misinformation from Food & Water Watch about water rates in New York. Powelson clarified that the state’s unfair special franchise tax is the main driver of higher rates, not New York American Water. He also points out that Food & Water Watch […]

Former Utility Commissioners Detail Benefits of State Utility Valuation Reform

Three former state utility commissioners – Norman Kennard (Pennsylvania),  Richard Mroz (New Jersey), and Brien Sheahan (Illinois) – penned a new op-ed in the New Jersey Spotlight about how communities benefit when they are able to get a fair market price for the sale of their water or sewer systems. Many municipalities across the country are turning […]

Maine Water Co. President Clarifies its Decades of Service to Maine’s Communities

In a letter to the editor of the Portland Press-Herald, Maine Water Company President Rick Knowlton responded to an op-ed that inaccurately portrays the private water story. He explains the benefits the company provides to 80,000 Maine residents across 25 municipalities, noting the company’s years of success, expertise of its workforce, and the financial investments […]

Powelson Calls for Greater Focus on Water System Cybersecurity

NAWC President and CEO Rob Powelson penned an op-ed for the University of Missouri’s Financial Research Institute that advocated for strengthening cybersecurity for water systems through stricter adherence to fundamentals and rigid compliance standards that help ensure the overall protection of water grid assets. Powelson argues that we must first understand the threat in front […]

New Infographic Details the Many Reasons to Work with a Water Company

Working with a water company provides so many benefits to communities big and small across the country. Delivering the highest quality drinking water is their number one priority. A new Truth from the Tap infographic details these benefits, including: Water companies have an unparalleled water quality compliance record. Water companies enable local governments to make urgent […]

Powelson Encourages Pittsburgh to Consider Benefits of Working with a Water Company

NAWC President and CEO Rob Powelson penned a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that assured residents that clean water and reliable water service could be achieved by working with a professional water company. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority again put public health in jeopardy after its latest violation of the Clean […]

NRDC Highlights How Water Company Customers Benefit from PUC Oversight

A fundamental difference between the operations of water companies and government-run utilities relates to oversight. While water companies are strictly regulated by experts through state utility commissions, government-run water systems are not. The lack of oversight for government water utilities leaves key operations, infrastructure, and rate-setting decisions in the hands of local politicians, with no […]

New CDC Report Shines Spotlight On Link Between the Water We Drink and Public Health

A new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention includes staggering numbers about pathogens connected to waterborne illnesses, shining a spotlight on the links between America’s water infrastructure, water quality and public health. The CDC found that more than 7.1 million waterborne illnesses occur every year, resulting in more than 600,000 visits […]