New “Study” Analyzing Drinking Water Costs is Deeply Flawed - Truth from the Tap


New “Study” Analyzing Drinking Water Costs is Deeply Flawed

A new analysis from some familiar anti-private water opponents at Food & Water Watch and Cornell University attempts to compare customer rates for the 500 largest drinking water systems in the United States. However, the analysis is based in a faulty dataset, ignores crucial cost elements and disregards how low-cost systems often provide low-quality water that is unsafe to drink.

A new Truth from the Tap resource details the top seven ways this so-called study gets it so very wrong:

  1. Ignores water utility performance
  2. Ignores affordability programs
  3. Uses an unrepresentative dataset
  4. Uses an unbalanced dataset
  5. Relies on old rate data
  6. Ignores non-rate revenues
  7. Ignores differences in taxes

For these many reasons, this “study” is discredited and is nothing more than an attempt by anti-private water activists to push their ideologically-driven agenda.

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