New TFTT Resource on Baltimore Details How Activists are Protecting the Failing Status Quo

In a new factsheet – Activists Rush to Protect Failing Status Quo in Baltimore – Truth from the Tap details the misguided activist campaign that has ultimately prevented Baltimore from receiving the many benefits that come from working with a water company. Instead of considering all options, Baltimore’s decisionmakers followed misinformed advice from activists ideologically opposed to any private sector involvement in water systems. Under the guise of protecting “local control,” these activists are really only protecting Baltimore’s failing status quo of poor water quality and performance that threatens its citizens with serious health risks. The new TFTT factsheet debunks several myths put forward by activists and notes that Baltimore should learn a lesson from other municipalities that rejected water company solutions and ended up far worse off for it.

The bottom line is that water companies offer proven expertise and unmatched experience to help communities address infrastructure and affordability needs. The complex challenges Baltimore must confront are significant and demand that the city base its decisions on facts — not restrict options based on activist misinformation.

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