New Video Highlights Liability Faced by Municipalities that Run Water Systems

In the latest Truth from the Tap video, we explain the liability municipalities face when they operate their own water and wastewater systems and fail to deliver the quality water communities deserve. The video calls out an example from Hannibal, Missouri where, after being found out of compliance, the city was required by the state to invest at least $5 million into water quality improvements as well as pay as much as half a million in plaintiffs’ attorneys fees.

Water system operators must ensure the water delivered to the tap is safe and reliable. This includes ensuring water infrastructure is maintained and upgraded and complying with complex and increasingly stringent federal and state health and environmental regulations. Municipalities that fail to deliver quality water risk more than endangering public health – they can also be held liable. That’s one of the reasons why communities all across America have turned to water companies to provide the necessary capital investment and expertise to effectively operate systems now and for the future.

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