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Truth from the Tap Launches Contract Operations-Focused Toolkit

Partnerships with contract operators of water systems come in many forms. Under what’s called a contract operations arrangement, or public-private partnership, communities can rely on contract operators to address crucial infrastructure needs ranging from achieving environmental compliance to accessing capital for infrastructure projects. Working with a contract operator is a proven solution for communities with water system needs and challenges. 

Even though contract operators have a proven track record, activists still make false and misleading claims to block communities from working with them. That is why Truth from the Tap has launched a new toolkit to provide stakeholders with valuable, fact-based information about the benefits of working with America’s water professionals and to debunk common false claims and narratives activists use to push their ideologically motivated agenda.

The valuable resources included in the toolkit are:

Despite the claims made by activists, the evidence clearly shows that communities are well served when local governments partner with water companies.

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