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What Is Condemnation? 4 Things Communities Should Know

The city of Missoula, MT, recently made headlines as it fought to purchase the Mountain Water Company, the local water utility, from an affiliate of The Carlyle Group. After a long legal battle, the projected final cost of the system – including fees, expenses, and interest – is more than $35 million more than the city’s initial bid.  And Missoula taxpayers have to foot the bill.

Activists like Food & Water Watch make the condemnation – or public takeover – process sound easy. They conveniently fail to mention the long, complicated and expensive legal and appraisal process, resulting in higher costs for residents and their communities.

Before communities follow activists down the condemnation rabbit hole, there are four important questions they must ask themselves:

  • What is condemnation?
  • Why do some communities pursue condemnation?
  • What is the condemnation process like?
  • What are some examples of communities that considered or pursued condemnation?

To learn the answers to these important questions, click here.

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