NAWC Executive Director Responds to LTE in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Earlier today, NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane responded to critics of private water. Following a boil-water alert from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority that impacted a large part of the city, Deane argued that the city should explore all its options to improve its water system.

“Those who support government-only water system operations try to compare water rates from one town to the next. However, so many experts warn against making these types of comparisons due to the many variables that impact water rates, from geographic location and water source to the age of the system and past investment.

Critics also falsely claim working with a private water partner means local residents no longer control their water. In reality, water remains a public good and rates are approved by a government agency regardless of whether the city continues with a government-run option or chooses to work with a private water company. I don’t see how that can possibly equate to a loss of control.”

Read the rest of Michael Deane’s letter here.

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