NAWC’s Southeast Water Infrastructure Summit Brings Stakeholders Together To Discuss Infrastructure Challenges

The National Association of Water Companies’ Southeast Water Infrastructure Summit was held last week in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Summit addressed regional water challenges, bringing together state regulators, local government officials, engineers and executives from some of the region’s largest private water utilities. Speakers shared unique perspectives from the southeast region on how to provide for critical water and wastewater system and infrastructure needs while protecting the environment, customers and businesses.

“NAWC’s Southeast Water Infrastructure Summit is a unique opportunity to have a conversation among leaders from the private and public sectors across the southeast region to discuss challenges, innovative approaches and solutions to water system needs facing communities today,” said NAWC’s executive director Michael Deane. “There is an immediate need to embrace the value of collaboration and cooperation to tackle these shared challenges and the Summit provides a great forum for focusing on regional needs.”

Private water companies play a leading role in filling the infrastructure investment gap. In fact, the five largest private water companies alone invest $2 billion every year in infrastructure. Events like the Southeast Water Infrastructure Summit provide an opportunity to bring to a variety of stakeholders to work together to overcome our water challenges.


Ed Finley, Chairman, North Carolina Utilities Commission


Grace Soderberg, Director of State Regulatory Relations, NAWC; Valoria Armstrong, President, Tennessee American Water; Rick Fox, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Aqua America; Matthew Klein, President of North Carolina & Tennessee for Utilities, Inc. & President, NAWC Southeast Chapter


Matthew Klein, President of North Carolina & Tennessee for Utilities, Inc. & President, NAWC Southeast Chapter


Jamie Ormond, California PUC; Commissioner James Patterson, North Carolina; Steve Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh & Associates; Tim Leahy, Senior Director of Government Affairs, American Water.

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