New Toolkit Highlights True Cost of Condemnation

Anti-private water activists are increasingly trying to use water system condemnation to take over privately-owned, professionally-operated water systems. To make it easier for members to find tools to counter activists’ misinformation and claims, Truth from the Tap has launched a new web resource that brings together all of our condemnation-focused fact sheets, case studies, blog posts and infographics into one easy-to-navigate toolkit.

Groups like Food & Water Watch, Corporate Accountability International and Public Water Now mislead communities to try to make the takeover process sound easy. In reality, the condemnation legal process is long, complicated and expensive and has proven to result in higher costs for residents and communities. Visit the Truth from the Tap Condemnation Toolkit, which will be regularly updated with new material as it becomes available, to get more information about why communities should be wary of the claims made by takeover proponents.

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