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NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane Pens LTE to The Progress-Index in Petersburg, Va

In a letter to the editor in The Progress-Index in Petersburg, Va, NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane responded to last week’s letter from Clean Water for North Carolina and called attention to the benefits of working with private water companies. “Having read Clean Water for North Carolina’s letter to the editor, I am compelled to correct […]

The Full Story on Rockland County that Activists Won’t Tell You

Activists have taken a sudden interest in Rockland County, a community in southern New York that has been grappling with long-term water supply challenges for over a decade. As previously seen in Atlanta, Camden, Felton, Indianapolis, and other communities across the country, activists have tried to spin Rockland County’s challenges to support their own ideological […]

NAWC Executive Director Responds to LTE in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Earlier today, NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane responded to critics of private water. Following a boil-water alert from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority that impacted a large part of the city, Deane argued that the city should explore all its options to improve its water system. “Those who support government-only water system operations try […]

Private Water Develops and Leverages Technology

In our last piece on the benefits of private water, we examined how private operators provide communities across America access to capital for infrastructure improvements. In this piece, we take a look at how private water companies are developing and implementing new technologies for water testing, purification, monitoring and distribution. For instance, a new technology […]

Private Water Provides Much Needed Capital Investment

One thing Americans of all political persuasions can agree on is that our infrastructure is in dire need of investment and repair, including our aging water pipes. In fact, a recent NAWC/TFTT poll found that an overwhelming majority – 74% of those surveyed – are concerned about the nation’s water infrastructure and believe that rebuilding […]

Private Water Companies Collaborate with Environmental Groups And Others On Lead Service Line Replacement Effort

The National Association of Water Companies and its members are working hand-in-hand with other health, consumer, environmental and water groups as part of the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative. The Collaborative was formed to accelerate voluntary lead service line replacement in communities across the United States. Together, the Collaborative launched a website that includes a […]

NAWC Executive Director Responds to Corporate Accountability International in The Hill

Last week, NAWC Executive Director Michael Deane responded to Corporate Accountability International’s misleading op-ed in The Hill that tried to raise fear about private sector involvement in rebuilding our nation’s water infrastructure. In his response, Deane called the group’s attempt to turn the infrastructure debate into a public vs. private battle “dangerously shortsighted.” Read Michael Deane’s full piece below: […]

Water Activists Exposed

Check out the latest video from Truth from the Tap that shines a light on the network of anti-private activists, like Food & Water Watch, who try to block communities from making informed decisions about their water.  Truth from the Tap was launched to help communities separate fact from activist fiction about the benefits of […]

It’s Always ‘Just a Study’

Proponents of local government using their power of eminent domain to take over local water systems from utility companies always seem to want to mask their true intentions behind benign rhetoric. They say they’re, “just doing a study about how the community can reduce water rates.” After all, who could object to learning if there […]

Private Water Companies Give Back

As we start a new year, many of us take time to reflect on the year that has just passed. At TFTT, we’d like to highlight the many ways private water companies across the country gave back to their communities this past year. These companies recognize the importance of not only delivering safe and reliable […]