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Environmental Groups Applaud SUEZ NA-Nassau Partnership

In a dramatic turnaround, an association of Long Island environmental groups has awarded a B+ grade to a sewage treatment plant it graded as failing just three years ago. What changed? In 2015, private water company SUEZ NA took over operations, updated infrastructure, installed new technologies and established channels for direct public stakeholder input. When […]

Truth from the Tap Responds to ITPI’s Claims About Privatization

The last time we heard from In the Public Interest (ITPI), we had to correct multiple false and misleading claims the activist group made in a Miami Herald op-ed. This time, the group is back with a so-called report on privatization, and, unfortunately, the false and misleading claims continue. “How Privatization Increases Inequality” attempts to […]

CAI Misrepresents Cause of Hoboken Main Breaks in Fundraising Plea

In its latest smear of the private water industry, Corporate Accountability International (CAI) boldly misrepresented the cause of recent water main breaks in Hoboken, New Jersey, while asking for money in a fundraising email blast. The activist group wrote: [Private water operations] can lead to a large-scale water crisis, as we saw in Hoboken, New […]

NAWC’s Living Water Award Winner Announced

Each year at the NAWC Water Summit, leaders and professionals in the private water community celebrate one of their peers by honoring him or her with the “Living Water Award.” The award recognizes an employee who goes above and beyond and represents the best of the private water industry. The 2016 Living Water Award recipient […]

What Is Condemnation? 4 Things Communities Should Know

The city of Missoula, MT, recently made headlines as it fought to purchase the Mountain Water Company, the local water utility, from an affiliate of The Carlyle Group. After a long legal battle, the projected final cost of the system – including fees, expenses, and interest – is more than $35 million more than the […]

Newsday Headline Misrepresents SUEZ Performance In Nassau County

Newsday recently published an article on a wastewater public-private partnership in Nassau County, N.Y. The headline boasts, “No savings in Nassau sewer district, despite privatization” before the story outlines all of the different ways in which this claim is misleading. While we are used to misleading assertions from activist groups like Food & Water Watch, […]

AWWA Rate Survey Experts Warn Against FWW Rate Comparison Practices

Earlier this year, the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) released the 2015 edition of their annual water and wastewater rate survey. The survey is a powerful tool that provides insights into pricing practices by utilities across California and Nevada. As is typical with rate survey reports, the authors of the analysis […]

Private Water Providers’ Strength Evident in Emergency Response

When a natural disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Emergency workers must respond quickly, efficiently and effectively. The same goes for those providing life-sustaining services, like water and electricity. A deadly, 50,000-acre fire broke out in Kern County, California in June 2016, destroying 300 homes. Many of those impacted by the fire were California […]

National Survey: Private Sector Should Play Central Role in Water Delivery

  WASHINGTON, Aug. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) and Truth from the Tap released the findings of a national public opinion survey showing Americans believe the private sector should play a central role in delivering water and rebuilding U.S. water infrastructure. The survey results confirm that Americans recognize the serious challenges […]